Chairperson Message

Welcome to the website of Zamung Kor. Our mandate is to Help vulnerable and impoverished children receive adequate health, housing, education, and vocational training so they can grow up to lead productive and meaningful lives, while being caring and responsible citizens. Our goal is to Embrace the lives of the young and victimized children that have been deprived of their childhood and have been victims of systemic abuse. We are nurturing the children by providing health and education in an environment that fosters love hope and sense of belonging to a family. By empowering children with skills and vocational training whereby they can live a dignified life and hope for a better future.
As a Chairwoman, of Zamung Kor I would humbly like to request you to partner with us in helping us raise great leaders and strong competent and ethical citizens of tomorrow.


Our Vision

To create an equitable and conducive environment for the disenfranchised,destitute and vulnerable

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Our Mission

ZamungKor is a catalyst and a midway house, where State Children with limited options are housed,

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Featured Story

Story Of Salman! 
Meet the Youngest resident of ZK and read soul-stirring story of this 4 and a half year old kid.

Director's Message

Prof. Khalid Sohail Malik

ZamungKor "Our Home" - A model institute first

Appeal for the help of state children and their family