One of the main concerns of parents and guardians is that their children are safe and secure. Similarly, the Staff of every organization also wants security at first place to function effectively.ZK is a child Protection Institute where children are housed in a hostel and acquire education at school. The protection of children is the main objective of ZK. Currently, ZamungKor has hired the services of Askari Security Guard for its 24/7 security check. Total 34 Numbers of security Guards including 02 Supervisors and one lady constable are performing their duties Day and Night. Children and ZK staff have the right to feel safe and secure so we have the right security measures and procedures in place to keep themselves and those around them safe.

For emergencies, like fire and natural disasters, ZamungKor organization has well-developed plans. These plans include actions to be taken by children and staff. The actions include clearly defined roles and procedures that are both documented in formal written plans and practiced regularly.

Key Features of ZamungKor Security

There is a well-established communication network among security staff, administration, Hostel, and school section. Our security personnel are well trained and experienced. They have good knowledge of the scope and limitations of activities related to security. They pay special attention to suspicious vehicles that are prowling around the institute. We have a map of the geographical location of the institute and its surrounding. All visitors entering ZamungKor organization are registered and go through a security check. We have all the necessary security equipment such as CCTV cameras. (Fixed in all sections of ZK), fingerprint readers, and metal detectors in the entrance. Our main aim is to provide a safe learning environment to the children.